Apartment Onsite Teams Day 8.12.20

Share your celebrations on social media and tag us or email us pictures of your celebrations and you will be entered into our drawing.

Three prizes will be awarded (all by random drawing).

Celebrate in any way you see fit!
We have listed some ideas below, if you are in need of some inspiration.

Free food
Have a pizza party! Offering onsite lunches is a great way to encourage staff to stick around during their lunch breaks, giving them the opportunity to celebrate their day with co-workers

Surprise the team with an Ice Cream Truck treat to show how much their hard work means to you. Much needed on a hot summer day.

Organize a potluck lunch! Encourage people to bring a dish that represents their culture or bring their favorite food.

TikTok videos
Ask your employees to record fun TikTok videos and share them on social. Don’t forget to use our official hashtag #APTeamsDay.

Yard signs/Flyers
Install yard signs or post flyers around your property to raise awareness about #APTeamsDay. Let your residents acknowledge all the amazing work of your onsite teams and celebrate with us.

Collect employee ideas
You can always collect different appreciation ideas and take a vote on what they prefer to do on the event day.

To qualify for the drawing you will need to tag us on social media or email your pictures no later than noon on Thursday (8.13.20). We will hold the drawing and announce the winners by 5pm on 8.13.20.

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