Dues Structure

Associate/Vendor Member

Associate membership dues are $450.00 per year and $50.00 for a one-time application/processing fee.

Management Company/Owner Member

Management Company/Owner membership dues are $250.00 per year and $50.00 for a one-time application/processing fee.

Your Management Company’s entire Chattanooga portfolio must join the CAA as an Apartment Community(ies). 

Apartment Community

Regular membership dues for apartment communities are: 

  • Under 50 units – $50 + $2.25 per unit, per year
  • 50 units and over – $2.25 per unit, per year

and $50.00 for a one-time application/processing fee

Your Management Company must already be, or must become a member in order for you to join as an Apartment Community. 

Upon receiving and processing the completed application, your dues and processing fee will be invoiced to the billing address listed above.

As of February 1, 2019, membership dues are based on the month you are approved. For example, if you are approved in February 2019, you will be billed for your annual dues in Feb 2020.   

Membership Benefits

  • Website: The number one resource to learn about the issues and topics that affect CAA members in their daily business is on our website. Valuable links to articles on Leasing, Management, Marketing, Maintenance and other industry related topics can be found here. Also, this is a great opportunity for advertising on the front page of the website.
  • Monthly Meetings: The CAA offers monthly meeting and luncheons for all members . Our meetings are a great sponsorship and networking opportunity for Associate Member Companies.
  • Education: The CAA plays a key role in providing continuing education for apartment professionals. Programs include both specialized courses and structured curriculum designed to result in industry designations of proficiency.
  • Directory: This comprised list is the number one resource for Management Company, Apartment Communities and Associate Member contact information.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: CAA offers sponsorship for most of our events and luncheons. This is the perfect way to receive recognition in our newsletter and promote your company in front of large groups of Multi-Family professionals.
  • Networking: CAA provides numerous opportunities for members to get together and share information, exchange ideas, and make business contacts. A great example is our many committees!
  • Vendor Expo: The CAA Trade Show is held annually in September. Member companies gain maximum exposure by showcasing their products and services in front of hundreds of multi-family industry professionals with purchasing power.
  • Vendors: Increase your business with valuable new accounts.
  • Job Postings: The CAA will post your open positions to our website and to Facebook for maximum exposure in the Chattanooga area.
  • Blue Moon Leases: By joining the CAA properties will gain the rights to use Blue Moon leases at their property. Blue Moon uses industry standard leasing forms. They are electronically enabled and will integrate with your property management software.