Board of Directors

Bobbi TurnerBobbi Turner,  ARM


Jennifer McCoyJennifer McCoy, Esq.    


Mission Statement

We are a network of professionals in our community, representing the apartment industry with excellence and integrity. We provide valuable resources for our members and community through education, service and advocacy.


We, the members of the Chattanooga Apartment Association, recognizing our duty to the public and to our fellow members, do hereby adopt and pledge ourselves to the Code of Ethics and the procedure for the enforcement set forth below.

The members of the Association pledge themselves to:

  1. Maintain high standards of apartment operation and construction.
  2. Operate in highest level of professional multifamily management.
  3. We shall promote, employ and maintain a high standard of integrity and performance to all obligations and services in the operation of our properties and business.
  4. We shall operate and maintain our properties and businesses in a fair and honorable manner ever mindful of the existence and intent of the Chattanooga Apartment Association, and recognize and comply with this organization’s by-laws.
  5. We shall seek to take no unfair advantage over any other member of the Chattanooga Apartment Association, and we shall conduct our business in such a manner to avoid controversies, discontent and unrest with and among the members of the Chattanooga Apartment Association, and we shall support and facilitate the membership of the Chattanooga Apartment Association.
  6. We shall strive to continually promote the education and fraternity of the membership and to promote the progress and dignity of our industry in creating a better image of itself in order that the public may be better served.
  7. We shall refrain from all schemes designed to mislead or defraud the public through advertising, marketing or otherwise.

View our bylaws here

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