The CAA is Hiring

Job description:

  • Executive Director

Responsible to:

  • Will report immediately to CAA President
  • If not available will also report to Board of Directors

Administrative Duties and responsibilities:

  • Acts as the spokesperson for organization on calls and emails
  • Executes board-approved policies
  • Attends Board Meetings and Events
  • Checks the PO BOX mail weekly and forwards all mail to appropriate board members
  • Answers CAA cell phone and responds to voicemail and email directing calls and emails to appropriate committees
  • Works with all CAA Committee for flyers, promotion for events
  • Maintains membership roster to reflect current members contact info- ( Submits roster monthly to CAA Board for review)
  • Handles Roster Reporting To NAA / TAA in October and April
  • Sends Directory to new members and Annually to all members
  • Provides Productivity Log to CAA Board Biweekly by email


  • Maintains full awareness of the complete financial, statistical, and accounting records of the organization
  • Handles all invoicing, deposits, statements to membership
  • Ensures that operating results established in the annual budget are achieved and the control of operating expenses within budget
  • Cuts checks for monthly payables
  • Handles Collections for receivables to include legal processing
  • Ensures the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting assisting with the Treasurer’s Report Monthly
  • Signs all checks
  • Ensures the preparation of the annual budget for board approval


  • High School Diploma , Two Years Experience in the Multi Family Housing Industry
  • Preferred experience; Computer skills, Office Management , Organization , Fair Housing Training, and Customer Service

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